Lord Chambray – Craft Beer from Malta Lord Chambray – Craft Beer from Malta

Blue Lagoon is named after the picturesque bay on the third biggest island of the Maltese archipelago, Comino, which is famous for its white sandy seabed and transparent turquoise waters. Blue Lagoon is a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with orange peel and coriander. Pale straw in colour and hazy according to tradition, it's an extremely refreshing beer. Freshly ground coriander, citrus peel, and a distinctively fruity yeast character lead the way. This is followed by a smooth body, light acidity, and lively carbonation that makes it a great thirstquencher.
The name of this deep amber, English-style IPA is a homage to the secluded red sanded beach of San Blas, located just below the village of Nadur on the Island of Gozo. San Blas is a fullbodied IPA, dominated by the explosive character of a carefully selected hop blend that showcases the citrusy and peachy notes of American hop varieties, and the more subtle, spicy notes of British ones.
Coral cave is an underwater cave in the Northern part of Malta. It’s accessible from either the sea, or by jumping off the high edges of the harsh, volcanic rock’s tube surrounding it. Once inside, the divers' rewards are: spectacular firework anemones, seahorses, rare goldfish, and soft coral gardens. Coral cave is our take on the cold-lagered ales typical of Cologne, and the epitome of a session beer. Its bready and honey-like malt flavours go hand in hand with the bright herbal accents of German-grown noble hops, leaving a lean and dry finish with a soft bitterness. Amazing in its simplicity.
Golden Bay takes its name from the most popular beach on the North West coast of Malta. It's famous for the golden dunes that surround it, and the treacherous undercurrents in the winter months. Golden Bay is a blonde ale brewed with utmost attention to balance and drinkability: it offers a smooth persistent head, delicate floral aromas, a bready, sweet malt profile and a light bitter finish. The perfect beach beer.
Grand Harbour, also known as the Port of Valletta, is probably Malta's greatest geographic asset: since Phoenician times it's been the stage of several battles, occupations, wars, sieges and even a devastating tornado. Grand Harbour is the epitome of a British pub beer: light and dry but also full bodied and with enough character to leave you wanting for more. At first you are greeted by a soft and biscuity flavour which teases the tongue with hints of fresh barley kernels. This is followed by a subtle release of the typically earthy, wet, and peppery notes associated with the English-grown noble hops.
Fungus Rock is the small limestone islet right at the entrance of Dwejra Bay, on the west coast of Gozo. Its flat top is covered in a little plant, the Malta Fungus, that was treasured by the Knights for its medicinal properties. Fungus Rock is a hoppy stout brewed with a rich blend of dark malts that creates a distinctive aroma of green coffee beans, fresh walnuts, roasted barley, and subtle chocolate notes. Don't be put off by the colour; this beer is surprisingly nimble on the palate thanks to a dry bitter finish and a light acidity.
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Flinders Rose Gose is a lightly salted wheat beer, a Leipzig original, that we tweak with the addition of freshly harvested caper flowers from Gozo. This beer is our celebration of the summer season, when the island of Gozo is literally covered in blooming caper bushes. We hand-harvest the caper flowers and add them to the boil together with sea salt and local coriander. Delicately floral and spicy notes mingle with ripe citrus tartness and a soft, lightly salty finish that instantly calls for another.
Honey Winter Ale is a rich, warming brew with local carob honey made next door by our brewery neighbours. When the weather turns cold and all you want to do is curl up by the fireplace, this winter warmer will be your ultimate companion. It's a rich and decisively warming beer with a complex malt profile, which is further enriched by the bittersweet taste of carob honey. Toffee, caramel, liquorice, and balmy mint: there's a new flavour discovery at every sip.
Wild Fennel Brown Ale is a unique take on the style, brewed with a subtle addition of peat malt and wild fennel seeds harvested in Gozo. Brown ale is an old-fashioned British beer that we rejuvenated and made unique with the addition of local wild fennel seeds. Deep brown in colour with bright ruby hues, this is a malt-forward beer that's extremely round and smooth. The fennel seed aroma is bright and distinct but also delicate; never prevailing.
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Beautifully balanced, infused with big hop aromas of fresh tropical limes, guava, peach and orange marmalade goodness, paired with a velvety, smooth mouthfeel. Oh, and to make this hazy ipa even juicier we brewed it with a bounty of gozitan prickly pears! Yummy!

A new way to IPA, this beer has all the traditional elements of an IPA but with one notable difference, lager yeast! This crisp and dry Cold IPA is as hop forward as it gets, with a plentitude of american hops that provide fruity, piney, citrusy flavours and a pleasing yellow colour from the maize traditionally used in this style.

This beer is a celebration for our 8th birthday! High mile has a complex character that incorporates citrus, grapefruit and pine. Malty and sweet flavors then firm bitterness. A beer for hop lovers.

This mexican lager is pale with a light malty character. A very mellow bitterness is accompanied by a kick of fresh lime. The sparkling carbonation matched with the bright citrusy flavour makes for a perfect first lager for our brewery in collaboration with our friends at To Øl.
An ale to celebrate the arrival of summer, brewed with mint and lemons to evoke the feeling of sitting in the sun, cocktail in hand, a beach holiday in pint form made with the juice and zest of san blas lemons and real mint.
A double IPA brewed in collaboration with our friends at 67 Kapitali, a specialist beer bar in Valletta. Bold beer that demands attention: old school piney and resiny aromas blend in with aromatic citrus and a sweet caramel backdrop. Clean and light bodied but crisp, hoppy, and aggressively bitter. A local favourite.
A richly aromatic and flavorful Stout, brewed with plenty of natural coconut. Smooth mouthfeel and an intensive nose combine hints of coconut and cocoa.
Fall is a hoppy saison brewed with crushed Sichuan pepper and
enthusiastically hopped with American hops. The nose is alive, like fresh raised bread, estery with citrus and spice notes. Full-bodied and malty, it sparkles on the palate and finishes with a zesty hop and citrus attack.
TLord Chambray decided to venture in a new world where beer meets one of the most famous cocktails of the moment: the Manhattan. Thanks to the creativity of Morris Maramaldi, mixologist and philanthropist from Milan, this project has been possible. This amber-colored beer pays homage to the famous cocktail, and recalls the flavors of the ingredients that make up the original recipe, including juniper berries and wormwood.
This beer is a celebration to our 7th birthday! pale ale, red-x and wheat malts are blended together with a spicy rye malt to give the perfect backbone for 5 hop varieties: amarillo, simcoe, mosaic, cascade and citra. A generous dry-hopping provides a refreshing blast of pine and citrus.
Our rich and aromatic Robust Porter is brewed with Brazilian Diamond Arabica beans, roasted by our friends at Lot 61 in Valletta. The result is a mediumbodied, smooth, and bold coffee flavour within a framework of carefully selected dark-roasted maltiness and complex notes of toasted chocolate, and walnuts. A rich, unmistakable aroma of a perfect cup of coffee, born into the body of a balanced dark beer!
This Citrus Pale Ale is brewed with our friends from Magic Rock Brewing in the UK. We add massive amounts of local lemon and orange zest, and Eucalyptus honey, and combine it all with an overload of Simcoe, Mosaic, and Citra hops to make this beer extremely citrusy, drinkable and refreshing.
Experience the subtle notes of stone fruit, tropical fruit, berries, and pine; a variety of diverse flavours which coalesce into something unique and exciting!
A fruit pale ale brewed in collaboration with our friends at The Black Sheep, a specialist beer and cocktail bar in Sliema. This is a session-strength pale ale packed with fruity, American-grown Simcoe hops, mango and passion fruit. The aroma is sweet and explosive, a tropical juice bomb of pineapple and fruit salad. Light and dry on the palate, with a soft bitterness balancing the crisp Pilsner malt background.
White IPA is our interpretation of a beer style which is not yet clearly defined: a Belgian-style spiced wheat beer abundantly hopped. This beer has an intense hoppy aroma which calls to mind citrusy and piny notes. Credit is due to the Dr Rudi, Rakau and Cascade hops which are used during dry hopping. The result is a pronounced citrus and fruity hop taste, perfectly balanced by wheat, coriander and bitter orange peel which are used following the original recipe of a Belgian-style wheat beer.
A hefeweizen brewed in collaboration with our friends at 67 Kapitali, a specialist beer bar in Valletta. A cloudy, golden-coloured brew modelled after the classic Bavarian wheat beers, this hefeweizen is a full-bodied and creamy treat. It is brewed with a high ratio of malted wheat which gives this beer its creamy fullness, and a unique yeast that contributes a wonderful banana and clove aroma. Its refreshing qualities are due to a touch of bitterness from the hops, and the relatively low ABV makes this beer perfect to drink at any time; even with breakfast!
Our first kettle sour ale is a balance between fruit and acidity, finishing off with a refreshing dryness. Take a big sip and dive into a complex collection of sensations: light malt sweetness, crisp lemon-like sourness and a rich fruit flavour. A light body, a vibrant carbonation, and a snappy tartness will leave you with an empty glass and the delightful taste of strawberries and peaches on your lips.
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