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Lord Chambray

The first craft beer brewery of Malta in Xewkija, Gozo

Lord Chambray was born in 2014 from an idea as crazy as it is ingenious to bring craft beer to the island of Malta, where climate and terrain are not particularly favourable, but the per capita consumption of beer is the envy of many.

The determination and foresight of the D'Imperio family led this brewery to conquer locals and foreigners alike and introduced Malta to this market where no one had ever dared. Attracted by the slow rhythms of the island and its breathtaking views, they invested in this reality and in this country, creating highly drinkable products and bringing the craft beer revolution here too.

Our beer is not made in Italy but is brewed by Italians - and not - who bring their passion to the brewery every day crafting unique beers.

The brewery offers the most varied product range, with more than twenty different styles, from fresh lagers to full-bodied stouts, in bottle and can formats, as well as kegs for parties and celebrations, to share with family and friends.

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In addition to the vast offer in terms of flavours and aromas, Lord Chambray produces vegan beers and a line of gluten free beers to meet the needs of all the customers.

Gluten Free and Vegan Beers

The brewery is located on the island of Gozo, in the agricultural centre of Xewkija - Gozitano Complex, in an agricultural and commercial environment where you can find local products, just like our craft beer.

Brewery and Taproom

Taproom in Xewkija, Gozo

Opening Hours

Mondays to Saturdays
14:00 - 18:00

Sundays Closed

Brewery Tours

Visit us at the brewery and discover how we create our products during a guided tour with tasting included.

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