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Coral Cave

Craft Lager Beer

ALC. 4,9% VOL



Coral cave is an underwater cave in the Northern part of Malta. It’s accessible from either the sea, or by jumping off the high edges of the harsh, volcanic rock's tube surrounding it. Once inside, the divers' rewards are spectacular firework anemones, seahorses, rare goldfish, and soft coral gardens.

Coral cave is our take on the cold-lagered ale typical of Cologne, and the epitome of a session beer. Its bready and honey-like malt flavours go hand in hand with the bright herbal accents of German-grown noble hops, leaving a lean and dry finish with a soft bitterness. Amazing in its simplicity.

INGREDIENTS: Water, malted barley, hops, yeast.

FOOD PAIRINGS: Fresh salads, marinated chicken, fried fish.

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Availability: 12 bottle box available 20 liter keg available

Medals and Awards: awarded craft beer